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Irvin Rosenfeld has dedicated himself to educating people about Medical Cannabis because of the way it has literally saved his life.  He takes time from his busy, productive life to travel, testifying at hearings and speaking at conferences, conventions and seminars.  Here are videos of some of those opportunities.

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video Irvin Rosenfeld HB 5470 Michigan Medical Marijuana Testimony

Mr. Rosenfeld from Patients Out of Time testifies before the State of Michigan Committee on Government Operations on Tuesday November 28th, 2006....Medical Marijuana Michigan
video Irvin Rosenfeld Federal Medical Marijuana Patient

Irvin Rosenfeld: Speaking on a panel at the Fourth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Santa Barbara about the condition that qualified him to receive medical cannabis (marijuana) from the U.S. Federal Government. Panel moderator is Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN. Barbara Douglass could not attend.
video Legal Cannabis for 25 Years - Irvin Rosenfeld 's Story

On Nov.20th, 1983, Florida stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld began receiving 300 joints per month of US government-grown marijuana, under the Investigational New Drugs (I.N.D.) program© (formed in 1976 when Robert Randall sued the Federal government for access to medical marijuana).  As the program was closed to new patients in 1991, Irv is now one of only five legal Cannabis patients in America.
video Chronic Medical Cannabis Use by US Legal Patients, Part 1

Reporting of physical and psychological tests on four of the legal patients: Elvy Musikka; Irvin Rosenfeld ; George McMahon and an MS patient

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