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You are now at the website of the longest surviving Federal Medical Cannabis Patient in the United States.  The purpose of my site is to educate the public that medical cannabis is a medicine and should be allowed to be used under a physician’s care.  You will get to know me and see what I have done to get my point across.  For years, people have been telling me that I needed to write a book that could speak for me when I wasn’t available.  And that’s what I have done.  With my book and this website, my hope is to educate many more people than I have educated already.  While I have reached millions of people in the past, my medicine still is not legal for everyone who needs it... and that’s my goal.  You see, I’m just a regular human-being, like all of you.  I work as a stock broker, and teach able-bodied and disabled people how to sail thru Shake-A-Leg, Miami .  I’m able to live as much of a normal life with a sever bone disorder because I have the right medicine.  I hope you enjoy my site and after you have learned why I am so passionate about making medical cannabis available for all patients, that you will join me and tell others.


Irvin Rosenfeld

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